Email has become the most prominent means of communication in the business world. It can completely monopolize your time, and take you away from managing your business and enjoying time with your family.

Check out this podcast here to hear how this entrepreneur went from 9,000+ emails stacked against him to inbox zero by working with a Virtual Assistant!

One recent client had 43,000 emails within the inbox.

First, I'll host a free consultation call.

Get to know you, your business, your inbox, and your needs.

Next we'll lay out a plan of attack!

What automation would suit your routine, what responses need to be drafted or sent, what folders and archives can be created, and how we can get you down to a daily inbox-zero!

Doesn't that sound like a relief?
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My email management services begin with establishing a solid starting point.

We clear that inbox and get you breathing easier!


We set up any systems - filtration, automation, and prioritizing. We begin drafting responses for your approval, and learning your policies, procedures, and writing style.


We begin actively taking the forefront of your email presence. As we get through the trial period of 1-2 months, you will find this process only gets easier, as you will need to oversee less and less.

What comes standard?

  • Email management
    Composing your file of standard operating procedures
    Organization / filing
    Setting up filtering / automation systems
    Prioritizing / flagging
    Unsubscribing / cleanup

    Drafting replies
    Looking up shipping inquiries
    Record of customers receiving replacements
    Screening inquiries

    Calendar scheduling
    Trial-period work summaries
    Weekly focus meetings

  • Cratejoy customer service
    Account management
    Processing account detail changes
    Processing refunds / cancellations
    Handling account login recovery
    Processing subscription holds
    Retrieving shipping details
    Processing subscription renewals
    Moving shipping and renewal dates




1-hour check-ins
Monday - Friday

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2-hour check-ins
Monday - Friday

Up and coming


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3-hour check-ins
Monday - Friday

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Social Media

​How many platforms?

Need graphic design?

Writing your own copy?

Need group moderation?


Weekend coverage upgrade option


For those businesses that want to be available not only on business days but also on weekends, this add-on option secures 31-day customer service each month.



Need a new site or redesign?

Need routine site updates?

Have a shop front?
Need graphic design?
Need SEO?


Need a blog / article writer?

Need a proofreader?

Want graphic design?
Need SEO?

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What are the benefits of working with a VA?

  • It saves you time.
    You can free up your day-to-day agenda to best handle the more demanding tasks on your plate. Don't stress out over each individual customer service matter.


  • Grow your team, not your office space!
    Bring on virtual help right where you need it without the need to become an employer or provide office space, equipment, supplies, and upkeep.

  • This makes work more enjoyable and less stressful.
    By delegating tasks you may not enjoy, or may not feel skilled enough in, you can focus your energy into what it is you do best; operating your business, and curating your box.


  • Familiarity in the industry means less time training!
    I can get in, learn your subscription quickly, and immediately begin implementing services which I am already experienced providing for multiple other subscription companies!


  • We cost you LESS than hiring employees.
    That's right, less! But how?


    • No overhead!
         Annual building costs
         Annual property taxes
         Equipment and supplies
         Insurance paid
         Benefits paid

      As my own business entity, you are alleviated of the burden of offering health benefits, sick days, paid vacations, 401ks, overtime, office space and equipment, employee training, employer taxes, and so much more! We handle those ourselves. Click here to calculate the true cost of YOUR hourly employee!


    • You pay for only the work you need! No paying for the full 9-5 all month when the job can be completed in less. No paying for time spent at the water cooler!

  • Offering additional business insight.
    With my ear to the ground in the subscription scene, and in my work with other subscription business owners, I can offer you any insight learned in the subscription trade. I can assist in finding business opportunities or enhancements, research any trending avenues of advertising within your niche, ultimately working to increase your business revenue, and deliver a positive return on investment.

What is a Virtual Assistant?