• Julie Roe


Hey everyone! Let's talk void fill!

There are so many options available for box filler, but finding one that you feel good about using can be a tough task. There is one void fill option that I have come across which seems to redefine the concept.

I came across the Seaman booth during SubSummit 2019, and my clients and I just geeked out over it! We were very excited to learn they were eco-friendly and recyclable (because that was a big concern from our customers very recently) as well as SUPER compact and really beautiful.

Let’s check out the four ways in which Spiro-Pack is changing the game. Heads up! – I really like this product.

Compact Design

Spiro-Pack’s design is incredible, really. One box contains three smaller packages. Each package expands to approximately 10 times the original size, which means that less than a quarter of the space is needed to store the pre-expanded filler than other fillers require! With less space and packaging materials needed to store and ship Spiro-Pack, the footprint is reduced immensely.

Ease of Use

One of the best parts about Spiro-Pack is that it is ONE piece. No more uncontainable messes from shredded fillers or wads of plastic to clean up afterwards. Messes can take some of the fun out of an unboxing experience. You take a piece of out the package, flick your wrist once or twice and VOILA! – you have beautiful, mess free, fluffy box filler that will be sure to leave you feeling good about what you are sending to your customers and subscribers. It’ll be a lost less of a mess on your end, too! Be sure to click here and see how it's done!


Spiro-Pack also gives you the peace of mind of knowing that you are using an environmentally gentle box filler. Spiro-Pack is biodegradable, so it won’t be sitting in a landfill somewhere forever like plastic foam or air pillows. Less packaging due to the compact design helps cut down on the amount of materials needing to be disposed of, so there’s even less of an impact in the first place! There is also absolutely no dust, so that should help you breathe a little easier about your decision as well.

Unique and Customizable

The box filler you use can make a huge impression on your customers, so having the option to customize your filler to match your brand colors or even have you company name on it is such a cool idea! They do have some fun stock colors available – like black, red and hot pink for example – so you don’t have to be super creative to stand out a little more. You can add your company name, your website, or the name of your product or subscription box right onto the box filler with your brand colors and make an incredible impression. The unboxing experience you are creating for your customers is a big deal, so make it fun and comfortable.

I was so psyched when I found out about Spiro-Pack because I truly believe it could redefine packaging and help the evolution to a more sustainable and earth-friendly industry. Spiro-Pack gives an opportunity to make a great impression to your customers while showing off your brand in a way that will tie your entire packaging together and really help you stand out among all the rest during your unboxing.

Visit to learn more about this amazing product!