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Email has become the most prominent means of communication in the business world. It can completely monopolize your time, and take you away from managing your business and enjoying time with your family.

Check out this podcast here to hear how this entrepreneur went from 9,000+ emails stacked against him to inbox zero by working with a Virtual Assistant!

(One recent client of mine had 43,000 emails within the inbox.)

First, I'll host a free consultation call.

Get to know you, your business, your inbox, and your needs.

Next we'll lay out a plan of  attack!

What automation would suit your routine, what responses need to be drafted or sent, what folders and archives can be created, and how we can get you down to a daily inbox-zero!

Doesn't that sound like a relief?

My email management services begin with establishing a solid starting point.

We clear that inbox and get you breathing easier!

We set up any systems - filtration, automation, and prioritizing. We begin drafting responses for your approval, and learning your policies, procedures, and writing style.


We begin actively taking the forefront of your email presence. As we get through the trial period of 1-2 months, you will find this process only gets easier, as you will need to oversee less and less.

What is handled with email management?

  • Email management
    Organization / filing
    Setting up filtering / automation systems
    Prioritizing / flagging
    Unsubscribing / cleanup

    Drafting replies
    Looking up shipping inquiries
    Record of customers receiving replacements
    Screening inquiries

    Calendar scheduling
    Trial-period work summaries
    Weekly focus meetings

  • Cratejoy / Shopify customer service
    Account management
    Processing account detail changes
    Processing refunds / cancellations
    Handling account login recovery
    Processing subscription holds
    Retrieving shipping details
    Processing subscription renewals
    Moving shipping and renewal dates

Email and customer service packages start at:


Email management


Email Marketing

If you need a hand in crafting your email newsletters, we should chat! I'd highly recommend Klaviyo for email marketing.

Weekly newsletter curation pricing starts at:

Email marketing



Social Media Management

Social media comes in all shapes and sizes.

  • Engagement

    • Inbox messages​

    • Comment moderating and replies

    • Customer service

    • Inviting to like / follow

  • Moderation​

    • Join requests​

    • Post approval

    • Rule enforcing

  • Content Creation​

    • Graphic design​

    • Copy writing

    • Post scheduling

Everyone's needs are so uniquely different. Let's talk about what social media support you need so that I can send you a custom proposal.


Stock Photography

Stock photography is for the purpose of individual item listings in online shops or for adding item overlays within your graphic design.

I have years of experience photographing products in order to create stock photography for manufacturers and retailers.

This process would involve receiving your items, photographing the product, editing and enhancing the photos using Photoshop CS6, and delivering .PNG and .JPG files of each product, both on white and transparent backgrounds

You receive:
.PNG files of each item on transparent backgrounds for use as stickers in Canva or other graphics
.PNG files of each item on white stock backgrounds for use selling items individually on your online shop. 
and one for the box arrangement.

Prices start around:

Stock Graphics


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